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Serious Energy

Minogue FitTime Nutrition products FIT the needs of high performance athletes by easily delivering energy/relief/fuel at the right TIME with a clean and healthy NUTRITION...

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Energy Crystal

FX1 helps your body optimize the release of energy, resulting in more effective workouts and better performance. Conveniently packaged. Just add water...

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Muscle Recovery

FX2 provides the right fuel and antioxidant effects to stimulate muscle repair, to prevent muscle breakdown and to promote immunity. Now you can push yourself a little harder...

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Joint Recovery

FX3 will help relieve and reduce joint pain and help counteract the degradation of joint cartilage. Get back on your feet and back in the game with FX3...

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More than Energy...Endurance

All FitTime products are tested and certified “clean” by INFORMED-CHOICE and tested against a wide range of substances listed on the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Prohibited Substance List. Anyone choosing to use a supplement can look for the INFORMED-CHOICE logo on products and know that they have undergone appropriate quality testing, a key requirement for any elite sports person.




FitTime is proud to announce that Danny Minogue was elected Alpine Canada chairman

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