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Clean Certification





A leading independent banned substance quality assurance program working on behalf of athletes to insure substance purity.

All FitTime products are tested and certified “clean” by INFORMED-CHOICE and tested against a wide range of substance listed on the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Prohibited Substance List.  

Anyone choosing to use a supplement can look for the INFORMED-CHOICE logo on products and know that they have undergone appropriate quality testing, a key requirement for any elite sports person.

INFORMED-CHOICE is the ONLY supplement testing program that uses a WADA experienced lab and ISO 17025 accredited analytical methods to analyze for wide range of banned substances within top level sports. For more information please visit www.informed-choice-org

The INFORMED-CHOICE standard provides a defined specification based on the very best scientific expertise to both manufacturers and consumers, and re-assurance that products bearing the INFORMED-CHOICE logo can be trusted.  

The key issue is that all tests MUST be accredited to the ISO17025 standard for all substances, in all supplement types (powders, liquids, gels, capsules, tablets and bars). Without this, tests to prove the ABSENCE of contamination CANNOT be trusted.

Please click below to access the INFORMED-CHOICE website for more information or to download the INFORMED-CHOICE certifications for FX products.


  FX1-Certification (Berry)
 FX1-Certification (Orange)
 FX2-Certification (Lemon Raspberry)
 FX3-Certification (Cranberry)