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Product Number S402

Quick Overview

Fx³, based on FORTIGEL from Europe, has been clinically shown to both prevent and repair joint damage. Joint pain is often the limiting factor for many athletes.

Fx³ will help relieve and reduce joint pain and help counteract the degradation of joint cartilage associated with high intensity athletic performance. Get back on your feet and back in the game with Fx3.

14 Packets / Box
12g (0.42oz) / Packet
168 (5.92oz) / Box


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DIRECTIONS – Tear open one Fx³ packet and pour into your favorite bottle along with 8oz (237 ml) of water. Mix well. 

SUGEGSTED USE – Take once a day, after heavy workouts or in the morning before a heavy workout.

Cranberry Flavor

Natural and artificial flavors, citric acid, malic acid, orange juice powder, color (beet juice powder, beta-carotene), sucralose, silicon dioxide. Contains less than 1% juice when reconstituted.